Second Transnational Meeting

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the second transnational meeting was held via Virtual Teleconferencing among the project partners.

The second transnational meeting of the International Air Force Semester was the Consolidation of the course modules meeting of the project in which the partners discussed several topics related to the intellectual output progress.
A number of project management and implementation documents were also reviewed and approved unanimously by the partners. The chairperson of the Quality Management Committee according to the respective process was also elected.
Subsequently, the project financial status and reporting was discussed and the tools to be used for reporting were explained. It was also decided to prepare an internal report due end of June in the light of the annual interim report. 
The partners finally discussed the preparation and organization of the first Multiplier Event in June at Brașov and whether it will be held as a virtual event or physical one. It was decided to postpone the decision for May in order to review first the COVID-19 pandemic situation.
Second Transnational Meeting