Current geopolitical and financial situation in the European continent creates an unstable environment and new challenges for European and national security systems. In order to meet the current security demands and challenges, the European Union has identified the need to launch cooperation in the Military Higher Education Area (MHEA) by providing targeted education and training to military officers, in the field of European Security & Defence Policy (ESDP).

In line with the political mandate, the declaration on the European initiative for the exchange of Military Young Officers (EMILYO) inspired by Erasmus, was signed by the European Ministers of Defence in November 2008. It is believed that maintaining a secure and stable EU, demands a creation of certain conditions that allow military students, during their Basic Officer Education, to actively participate in the mobility forms of education. It would provide them with the opportunity to spent time abroad, meet their peers from different cultures and improve their leadership skills, competences and knowledge.

A significant support is required in order to provide equal opportunities for military education. Currently, military students constitute a specific group that is discriminated by mobility opportunities of Erasmus+. It is not the case of an intentional or institutional discrimination, but a result of national legal framework and regulations of Air Force Institutions, which, according to the state law, are obliged to fulfil requirements of both Ministries of Defence and Education. The solution to this really undesirable situation is to establish a Strategic Partnership among Air Force Institutions (universities, colleges, academies), in order to develop a Common program of studies in the field of Basic Air Force Officer Education. This will be an undergraduate Common Programme of studies called “International Air Force Semester”, aiming at providing students (officer cadets) the opportunity to study in EU countries, without facing problems to recognize the studies done abroad. It will also help Air Force Institutions to be reformed in order to fulfill the requirements of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), as well as those of the Bologna Process, by developing innovative intellectual outputs and increasing the number of students sending abroad.


Promote a common security and defence culture

Promoting a common security and defence culture among Air Force Institutions, by developing a sense of European identity and respect to the values of the Union

Promote military students mobility within the EU

Promoting military students (officers’ cadets) mobility within the EU; by encouraging and supporting physical long-term exchanges

Assist students to acquire skills and competences

Assisting students to acquire skills and competences by providing them the opportunity to work and cooperate in an international environment

Promote cultural awareness by creating closer relationships among students

Promoting cultural awareness by creating closer relationships and mutual understanding among students, academic/administrative staff and local communities

Improve the quality of education in the area of security and defence

Improving the quality of education in the area of security and defence by developing a common program of studies in the field of Basic Air Force Officer Education to support long term students and staff exchanges

Establish a network of collaborating European Air Force Institutions

Establishing a network of Air Force Institutions cooperating closely and providing the opportunity to military students to be exposed to different cultures and traditions