The aim of the project is to develop a common programme of studies called “International Air Force Semester” consisting of 30 ECTS. The expected outcomes include the adoption of the curriculum of the “International Air Force Semester” both from the participating organizations and the Air Force Institutions outside the partnership and to attract students from Military institutions across Europe which are not capable of providing specialized studies in the field of security and defence.


4 Intellectual Outputs

IO1 - European Security & Defence modules

IO2 - Aeronautical Modules

IO3 - Tools supporting the teaching process

IO4 - Curriculum Assessment Tools and Evaluation Report

4 Transnational Meetings

TM1 - Kick off meeting

TM2 - Consolidation of the course modules meeting

TM3 - Preparation of the pilot phase meeting,

TM4 - Final assessment planning meeting

2 Multiplier Events

ME1 - Development of the International Air Force Semester

ME2 - Evaluating the lessons learnt from the development of the International Air Force Semester

4 Learning, Teaching, Training Activities

C1 – Blended mobility of higher education students

C2 - Intensive programmes for higher education learners

C3 - Invited teachers at higher education Intensive Study Programmes

C4 - Short-term joint staff training events