Fourth Transnational Meeting

The fourth transnational meeting was held in the premises of the Portuguese Air Force Academy on the 14th of March 2022

The fourth transnational meeting of the International Air Force Semester dealt with the preparation of the final evaluation of the project in which the partners discussed the goals of the assessment and the appropriate tools to acquire the feedback of the participants in the pilot activities.
The partners also discussed all the current management activities and also reviewed the outcomes of the official interim report sent by the National Agency.
Subsequently, the progress on the Intellectual Output 3 and 4 was reviewed and the further plans to finalise the deliverables for both intellectual outputs were prepared. 
The partners finally discussed the preparation and organisation of the forthcoming pilot events, starting with the Blended Mobility event to be organised by AFAHC in May 2022, followed by the last joint pilot activities the Intensive Teaching Program with Invited Lecturers which will take place in Greece in July 2022.
Fourth Transnational Meeting